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From farm to you

Montana born and raised
craft food and beverages

Mountain Sage

  Come and get it, dinner is served! Nestled in Montana’s majestic Bitterroot Valley, Mountain Sage®, a full spectrum food services company, is spreading its wings. With our farm-to-table, locally sourced approach, we bring an incredible array of farm fresh and boutique crafted items from all over the great state of Montana, creating a single distribution point and one-stop shop for all your culinary and dining needs.

mountain sage
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  Lights, Camera, Action, and Great Food….

Mountain Sage® Studio Food Services has got the latter fully covered. From concierge deliveries to Craft Services, and full-service catering supplies and support, to fulfilling specific and unique requests for the Prop Master, we are your one-stop shop for all food and beverage needs. Our vast network of local farms, producers, and process facilities span the entire state of Montana, offering an endless lineup of fresh meats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as shelf-stable packaged products. Whatever your needs are, and whichever corner of Montana you’re in, Mountain Sage® has it covered.

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  A phoenix from the culinary ashes, Mountain Sage® represents a unique and exciting approach to fine catering. Exquisite Rustic Western cuisine, led by Montana native Chef Mykel, this innovative local creation will satisfy the most discerning palates. Buffalo sliders, tomahawk steaks, and huckleberry cobbler are just a small taste of the options available. This campfire vibe, Dutch oven style of cooking, will add the perfect Montana touch to any event or celebration.

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  With the world craving a sense of normalcy, travel and vacations are finally back on the rise. Mountain

Sage® has established a unique variety of Montana sourced products to help keep your guests

surrounded with Montana flavor along with their fond memories. A complete line of snacks, mementos,

and delicacies, enhanced by luxury gift boxes, baskets, and personalized kiosks for display in your

business, gift shop, or vacation rental, will ensure your guests keep coming back for more.

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Contact Us


Mountain Sage, LLC • 1075 Sleeping Child Rd

Hamilton, MT 59840

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From farm to you

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