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How much does an accountant make in 2014?  See some accounting & finance predictions from this help video below:
Accounting Illustrated: 2014 Salary Guide Trends and Predictions

Accountants have been in high demand since the economic downturn of 2008.  Larger companies are more “cost-conscious” to ensure that current shareholders and investors are given the most accurate financial data that is held at the standard of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  From the downfall of Enron, acts such as these place heavy regulation on the accuracy and integrity of financial reports.  Therefore, the is a constant demand for accountants from all areas of specialization.  The BLS reported that the average accountant is making around $64,000 dollars per year.  For more information on an accountant salary, check outaccountant salary guideto get a more detailed breakdown of the statistics for accounting salaries.

What Does an Accountant Do Daily?
Accounting : Duties of an Accountant

What an accountant does greatly depends on years of experience, level of education, size of company, and specialization of accounting.  However, most accountants still prepare financial reports, work with the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable,  auditing, and common journal entries.  To take a look at accountant roles and duties, there is an article on info on what an accountant does that is very useful to get a better understanding of what an accountant actually does on a month-to-month and year-end basis.  In addition, even beyond roles and responsibilities, reviewing an job description for accountant will also give more depth to question such as “what is required to become an accountant?” or “what type of education is required for becoming an accountant?”

What is Required to Become an Accountant Today?
Career Planning : How to Become an Accountant

Some of the characteristics that are needed to become an accountant are:

  • Good with numbers
  • Detail Oriented
  • Experience & Education
  • Willingness to work well with others
  • Ability to learn and work with financial software

The examples above are just a few key points to become an accountant and it also important to look at the different types of accountants across the United States with guides likesome of the types of accountants. “For more information about accounting & finance careers read here.   In addition, job-seekers that are looking for accountant or finance job try accounting/finance jobs.”


Small Business Finances:

A great place for local CPA’s is the salons industry.  Every state and city has hundreds to thousands of nail, hair, and tanning salons near you that need financial reporting.  The local service-based industry still has inventory that is just scaled to a smaller size opposed to large companies.  For example, the closest hair salons will need compensation packages for hair stylists, hair shampoos, products, scissors, and hair salon renting space will also need to be tracked.  These items can quickly add up and serve as a great platform to practice journal entries.  In addition, local nail salons are very similar to hair salons but nails salons have more inventory to report due to the numerous nail polish colors and high-tech nail tools that are needed to give proper manicures and pedicures.  Also with nail salons, there are higher volumes of customers that would equate to daily budgeting and sales recording.  Lastly, the nearest tanning salons are also filled with bookkeeping responsibilities because of the membership based strategy that tanning salon owners implement to generate revenue.  All there salon categories also have advertising budgets that are needed to attract local customers: more info

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