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Accountants have been in high demand since the economic downturn of 2008.  Larger companies are more “cost-conscious” to ensure that current shareholders and investors are given the most accurate financial data that is held at the standard of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  From the downfall of Enron, acts such as these place heavy regulation on the accuracy and integrity of financial reports.  Therefore, the is a constant demand for accountants from all areas of specialization.  The BLS reported that the average accountant is making around $64,000 dollars per year.  For more information on an accountant salary, check out accountant salary guide to get a more detailed breakdown of the statistics for accounting salaries.

What Does an Accountant Do Daily?

What an accountant does greatly depends on years of experience, level of education, size of company, and specialization of accounting.  However, most accountants still prepare financial reports, work with the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable,  auditing, and common journal entries.  To take a look at accountant roles and duties, there is an article on what do accountants do info that is very useful to get a better understanding of what an accountant actually does on a month-to-month and year-end basis.  In addition, even beyond roles and responsibilities, reviewing different types of accountants will also give more depth to question such as “what is required to become an accountant?” or “what type of education is required for becoming an accountant?”

What is Required to Become an Accountant Today?

Some of the characteristics that are needed to become an accountant are:

  • Good with numbers
  • Detail Oriented
  • Experience & Education
  • Willingness to work well with others
  • Ability to learn and work with financial software

The examples above are just a few key points to become an accountant and it also important to look at the different types of accountants across the United States with guides like some of the types of accountants. “For more information about accounting & finance careers read here.   In addition, job-seekers that are looking for accountant or finance jobs can visit to search for U.S. accounting jobs.”


Market Adjustments in Healthcare Industries

According to, one of the biggest payrolls in any type of workforce industry in the United States is hospital jobs. In most hospitals, it is not uncommon for hospitals to have consultants come into the organization to conduct a full compensation and salary adjustment assessment to keep the healthcare organization up to market in order to attract and maintain the best healthcare professionals. One of the most important areas that a hospital may focus on is at the mid-level range for healthcare salaries. Physicians themselves are usually hired with a compensation package based on a mutual contract but the clinical professionals right under physicians such as a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant can be the “right hand man” in a specialty practice. Therefore, the salaries of this mid-level caliber must be up to market. Around how much does a nurse practitioner make?  A nurse practitioner can make anywhere from $85,000 – $100,000 on average in hospitals in the medium size range according to the bureau of labor statistics.  A nurse practitioner is considered an “advanced registered nurse professional” or an ARNP for short. The next mid-level that is important to have a competitive salary package is a physician assistant. A physician assistant works right under the main physician and has to complete a masters of science from an accredited physician assistant programs, preferably from one of the top PA schools. So the next question on the mid-level range is about how much does a physician assistant make? The average physician assistant working in a medium sized hospital or similar healthcare facility can expect to earn between $90,000 to $120,000 on average per year. Moving from the mid-levels to another special area of medicine is the traditional pharmacist. Today, with more and more medications being prescribed and regulated, a hospital must also provide competitive wages for a pharmacist. How much does a pharmacist make? Well a typical pharmacist can expect start out at least in the six figures range in most hospitals. Most pharmacy students want to attend the top pharmacist schools so job security and applicant success is increased. The only exception may be smaller drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens the operate in a smaller level with drugs that are prescribed. There are a number of great pharmacy schools across the U.S. that have been recognized as an accredited pharmacy school.  In order to become a pharmacist, a pharmacy student must complete a pharmacy program and pass an exam. For pharmacy technicians, how much does a pharmacy tech make depends on the geographic location and if the pharmacy tech works at a competitive drug store such as CVS. Top pharmacy tech schools are one of the most sought after prerequisites for aspiring pharmacy technicians since it is easy to get a job after graduation.  One of the biggest and most popular healthcare career fields is nursing. Each year, hundreds of people enter nursing school in hopes to become a registered nurse. Therefore, hospitals must also remain up to market to provide these nurses with competitive compensation. The question, how much does a registered nurse make? will be based on the location where the nurse is working and the experience. According to the, the average salary for a nurse is between $50,000 to $60,000 per year. Some of the top RN schools can be researched through nursing resources online. A good nursing school should offer programs such as BSN and MSN degrees. How to become a nurse consists of 4 primary steps. A nursing student must attend a nursing program, intern, pass the NCLEX exam and apply for a nursing job. The last position that the accounting and finance team of a healthcare facility should focus on are medical assistants. A medical assistant is a special position because the person in this role will be both a patient support person and a clerical person.  A medical assistant needs to be certified now, therefore, it is imperative for a medical assistant student to attend one of the top MA schools in the US. How much does a medical assistant make? The average medical assistant in the U.S. can expect to earn around $15 per hour. How much do physical therapists make is a common question that a PT job seeker may research on healthcare or labor statistic sites. A physical therapist is a popular job for the future of healthcare due to the number of baby boomers retiring that need physical rehabilitation. An aspiring physical therapy student should consider enrollment in of the top physical therapist schools that can be offered online for within the United States. The rising salaries for certified nursing assistant workers have become to surface with industry demands. A certified nursing assistant or CNA works as an assistant in hospitals and nursing homes. The position is similar to a LPN but generally the duties are just under a licensed practical nurse.  A CNA salary averages around twenty five thousand dollars per year annually. A CNA can expect to earn a more stable salary in the nursing car facility sector of healthcare. A nursing assistant needs to be certified to work in most healthcare facilities and industries although it may not be required in some states. Similar to nursing assistants, phlebotomists are closely related to having training to receive a certification. How much does a phlebotomist make will be determined by state, industry, work shift, and experience. A phlebotomist will be responsible for drawing blood from patients that may be donating or needing blood samples drawn for lab testing. In the sonography field, popular medical diagnostic jobs that are related to cardiovascular, radiology, and ultrasound will remain in high demand. For example, an ultrasound technician is responsible for taking images of an unborn baby. With 3-D medical imaging, the ultrasound salary will continue to grow steady with the healthcare industry.


A Billion Dollar Industry: Male Pattern Baldness

One of the biggest health related niches for men that has financial reports to prove it is the hair loss industry. With popular receding hairline treatments such as Finasteride, Propecia, Rogaine, the Lasercomb, and other shampoos and vitamins open up this industry in multiple profit flows. First, the biggest industry falls in the receding hairline treatment category. This category is made up of 3 major FDA approved treatments: Finasteride, Minoxidil, and the Lasercomb by HairMax. All of these treatment can be used for a male wanting to treat a receding hairline.  Next, there are also several vitamin companies financially growing through the sales of hair growth vitamins.  Saw palmetto hair loss is the most popular supplement for naturally treating male pattern baldness in men. Saw Palmetto acts as a DHT inhibitor which is the main cause for men who lose their hair. Finasteride is the actual drug that lowers DHT but some mind would rather use Saw Palmetto for hair growth because of the decreased chance of sexual side effects. Biotin, MSM, Omega-3, and Zinc are also popular vitamins for hair growth. Another hair loss industry that benefits from the mult-billion dollar industry is shampoo. The best shampoo for hair loss that actually help with prevention and treatment for hair loss. The top hair loss shampoo contains an ingredient called Ketoconazole which is found in the popular hair loss shampoo Nizoral. It is believed that the ant-fungal properties of Ketoconazole acts as a mild ant-androgen that reduces DHT buildup on the scalp. Nizoral also helps with itching which can be a side effect of Minoxidil. There are a few other shampoos for hair loss such as ACV washes, and Tea Tree oil which can stimulate the scalp for hair growth. Top companies such as Nizoral are seeing big returns on investment with their popularity on Amazon. Natural hair loss shampoos should be a unique natural blend of vitamins and minerals to make the perfect hair loss shampoo for hair regrowth. In addition, there are natural hair growth remedies such as hair masks that are made of avocado and coconut oil, vitamins such as saw palmetto and biotin, and special scalp massages that stimulate the scalp by increasing blood flow which carries nutrients to each hair follicle. There is also special hair loss rinses such as apple cider vinegar for hair loss that works by neutralizing the pH of the scalp that is needed for hair growth. However, with any shampoo or “rinse” that is put on the hair, there are shampoo ingredients to avoid such as parabens and sulfates. These compounds are used to make cosmetic , soaps, and shampoos have a “lathering effect.” The caveat is these compounds can be a skin irritant and could also strip the  natural oils on the scalp and hair. There has also been cosmetic advances for concealing hair loss. Dermmatch and Toppik are the top two companies that are the best hair loss concealers in the industry. Dermmatch works by a shading technique and Toppik is made up of natural keratin fibers that are statically charged to stick to existing thinning hair to make hair look thicker and fuller. There is also an outstanding how to apply minoxidil guide featured on this resource as well.


Tips For Finding Jobs Near You

Searching for a job can be a stressful task but according to, using a jobs near me to find local jobs can be made easy with a job aggregator engine. When searching for a job , timing is everything. There a millions of qualified job candidates that are all equally capable of landing the same job but in this current workforce, being the first one to strike can increase your chances of getting the job before it fills. The fact is a job recruiter is filling a jobs because the organization is in need to find the right candidate to fill position as quickly but efficiently as possible. When an employer advertises a job on major job boards such as Indeed, Monster, or Simply Hired, the are thousands of potential job candidates eager to snag a fresh position. Linkedin is also gaining popularity, along with Twitter because potential job seekers are doing their homework on the recruiters for hiring companies. This strategy give the job seeker an “unfair” advantage when new jobs are created. Even if a job seeker does not have the “research” skill to gain insight on new jobs, there a great tools to find jobs near you such as’s all-in-one job search engine aggregator to find the most recent job postings from all of the top job boards online. For 2015, a popular trend in job searches is jobs that require travel. has captured this facet of the travel job market with a custom mobile friendly travel required job search engine that allows job seekers to search popular jobs that require traveling such as travel nurses, drivers, cruise line workers, sales, and any organization that may have job openings that would require an employee to travel for the company.


Big Profit Margins for Car Rental Reservations

With the rise of people using search engine such as Google, potential car renters search for rental cars near me are being served up with a number of branded car rental companies that are ready to take their business. With the rise of transportation services such as Uber, rental car companies are growing in correlation to car hire services. Car rental companies have been showing data that proves more people on travel enjoy having the autonomy of renting and driving their own car. Since the market has been established, the price competition has made it possible for more consumers to rent a car. In addition, companies can use rental car services as a tax write off for employees that have travel expenses. In addition, their are a number of “niche” specific car rental models such as vans and trucks. Some renters take advantage of only needing a rental for a particular task for a short period of time. However, some car rental companies have been targeting extended car rental reservations because of the increase in profit margins. One of the biggest question customers ask before renting a car is one way car rental The reason most renters start with this inquiry is because the price is the top driver for people going with the right rental car company. Price is driven by several factors such as rental car insurance, the timing of the booking, the renters age, and the type of car: compact, economy, standard, luxury, premium, convertible, SUV, or vans. There a few cities across the U.S. the pull in the biggest revenue for car rental annual revenues. With a 43 billion dollar plus industry, locations such as Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles make up a huge portion of the market. Rental cars Miami FL make up the most revenue in the state of Florida because of the high concentration of commerce, multi-cultural influences, and tourism.  In addition, the neighboring city of Orlando also has similar attributes to Miami with commerce and tourism. Rental cars in Orlando bring in a large amount of revenue for the state of Florida combined with Miami which is further south. Another top destination for rental car revenue is the city of Las Vegas. rental cars in Las Vegas NV make a huge portion of tourism revenue because Vegas is a hot spot in Nevada for people traveling all over the world to have the time of their life on the infamous “Strip.” Only a few hundred miles away, the area of Los Angeles is also another market bull for car rental revenue. Arental car in Los Angeles are booked in high demand because of the numerous must see locations and a coastline that can be driven for miles.


LPN Programs in Ohio-Schools

A big money maker for the healthcare education industry are nursing school programs for nurse professions such as a LPN. A big state to focus on for the demand for LPN Jobs in Ohio. LPN Programs in Ohio are facilitated through online and in top cities in Ohio such as Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Dayton. For people wanted to become a LPN, he or she will need to attend a LPN Program to become certified in the state of Ohio. Fortunately, Ohio has the best financial aid and incentive for LPN’s across the entire United States. Student LPN’s can apply for financial assistance and their are even state grants that are offered in Ohio to become a LPN. As we see a demand for more LPN’s, we will see several online programs and schools that will also offer advance for LPN to RN programs in Ohio for nursing career growth.


RC Helicopters & Quadcopters Hot New Market

Many e-commerce businesses can be managed by small expense spreadsheets and built-in payment systems such as Paypal. For 2015, one of the biggest hobby markets that are keeping small accountants busy are rc helicopters and quadcopters. The best rc helicopter is now capable of being controlled by a smartphone with wireless technology and small high def cameras for taking images. In addition, the best quadcopter can be used with wireless technology and the camera/video options are limitless with its ability to takes high definition footage and a typical GoPro can be mounted to most of the DJI models. This year we will see several small e-commerce businesses in this market such as Pilot Mart and sales will go into the millions. For the best rc helicopters, some of top brands are Walkera, Blade, and WLToys. For the best quadcopters, top brands include Parrot, DJI, Walkera, and Husban. This rc advancement will open up more financial growth in the industry so expect to see business growth.


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